December 2011

DCJ Newsletter December 2011

DCJ News

With pleasure I announce you the selection for our residents 2012.

4 artists we support for a solocreation:

Armand van den Hamer
Bara Sigfusdottir
Laidain Herriott
Maya Dalinsky

2 groups come in residency, with them we work together on long term:

Les SlovaKs collectif
Spider group

Support in terms of time and space or in collaboration will be given to following artists:
Daniel Linehan, David Zambrano, Eveline Van Bauwel, Peter Jasko and Tupperware collectif

DCJ goes on tour.
In january we start a new initiatif together with RedOrangeProductions called DCJ on tour. The first tour starts at CC Strombeek on january 11, 12 and 26 of 2012. A catalogue will be ready beginning of next year. In attachment you can find more info and a first list with 16 creations which have been made with support of Danscentrumjette over the last few years and are taken in the Catalogue DCJ on Tour.