February 2012

DCJ Newsletter February 2012

Every last Friday of the month we give a platform to makers who want to show their work (in progress). Friday 24 February we welcome Israeli choreographer Or Marin, who will show Project R. She filmed four foreign dancers in Brussels and researched in a physical way the various feelings accompanying immigrant artists. The footage screened on stage creates a different layer of the relationship, different realities in real time. And we show the experimental choreographic film by Shantala Pèpe: Emergences, a poetic visual essay crossing genres between body work, light and music exploring dreaming state. We start at 7.30, entrance is free.

After several ‘gatherings’ in different European cities the past two years, the Spider group (with Matej Kejzar, Julien Monty & Michael Pomero from Rosas) made a piece out of the various materials during their residency in Danscentrumjette. At once is a creation of choreographers, dramaturges, visual artists, writers and musicians, challenging the different aspects of performance. It dissects, assembles, isolates and composes elements as the body, presence, sound, text, light and visual environment. They are looking for a true multidisciplinary approach, where dance, visual art, writing and music happen 'all at once'. You're kindly invited to the international premiere on 2 & 3 March, here in the studio at 8 pm. Tickets via info@danscentrumjette.be.

DCJ on Tour
Last month, Danscentrumjette and Red Orange Productions presented the first DCJ on Tour in CC Strombeek. The film Muurwerk, made by Wolfgang Kolb and featuring Roxane Huilmand, was showed on 11 January. The day after Louise Vanneste and Marielle Morales were performing, and the 26th of January we presented a compilation of short, dynamic and fresh pieces from Natalia Pieczuro, Maya Dalinsky, Roxane Huilmand and Peter Jasko. With DCJ on Tour catalogue we want to give renowned as well as young artists more possibilities to present their work to a different public by collaborating with theatres and cultural centers. The pictures you find here give you an idea what happens at Danscentrumjette in just one day: morning classes for professional dancers, a workshop for children based on a theatre piece for 34 classes, the presentation of DCJ on Tour, and the evening class for non-professionals.

Jetsummer Danceweeks
Again 6 weeks of intensive workshops, during the day, in the weekend and in the evening, for professional dancers, mixed level and kids. And with lectures and performances too. More info soon on the website and in the brochure, here already a sneak preview:
11 - 15 June: Lali Ayguade - From Gravity to Lightness

18 - 23 June: Julyen Hamilton - Rhythm and this dance with Time

25 - 29 June: Roxane Huilmand - Etudes Chorégraphiques

9 – 13 July: Petra Hrascanec, Saša Božić, Julien Monty & Michaël Pomero - Meaning and Practice

16 - 20 July: David Zambrano - Improvisation for Performers


25 - 29 June: Wolfgang Kolb – Film Analysis


30 June – 1 July: Shiatsu with Yuichi Kawada 
7 & 8 July: workshop with Thierry Baë
16 & 17 June: Rhytm and Dance for kids with Pauline Rigot-Müller, David Weemaels and Stijn Luyten