Morning classes for professionals

90 minutes:
pay per day: 10€/class
pay per week: 40€/class
reduction card 10 classes: 80€ *

120 minutes:
pay per day: 13€/class
pay per week: 55€/class
reduction card 10 classes: 100€ *

* reduction cards are valid for 3 months

Workshops 3h/day: 90€ per week
Workshops 4h/day: 120€ per week
* please check by sending an email because sometimes prices are different!
Jetsummer please check

- the workshops should be reserved in advance
- the morning classes can be reserved in advance if you come from abroad,

For all booking and reservations please use following email address:

Evening classes for non-professionals


Contemporary dance
Tuesday class: 160€/trimester
Wednesday class: 160€/trimester
Thursday class: 160€/trimester
375€ year

Ballet: 150€/trimester
Monthly: Dance Intensive: 200€ year

Kids and youngsters

Parents-Enfants: 135€ year
4-5 year olds: 150€ year
6-10 year olds Contemporary Dance(beginners): 135€ year
8-12 year olds Contemporary Dance (advanced): 200€ year
11+ Adolescents Contemporary Dance: 200€ year

+ Assurance (obligatory) for kids and adults: 25€/ year

Payment: at the beginning of each trimester/year,
only by bank transfer IBAN BE88 0013 0244 2541 BIC GEBABEBB
(BNP Paribas Fortis) with reference ‘name/class’.

If you take 2 classes, you get 10% reduction on the total amount.
If you take 3 or more classes, you get 20% reduction on the total amount.